False Trailer Relief Alert

When I took in a matinee yesterday (it was great, 2 features, a cartoon, and a Hitler news-reel, for 5 cents) of Super 8, I was subjected not once, but twice and 1/2 times to the trailer for The Zookeeper: a grim, hyperlame, cancerous direct-to-video production that somehow, despite all mankind has learned, is being printed onto helpless 35mm filmstock as we speak. Which is why I was totally relieved to learn it was all some kind of pranky trick by unknown internet fellows. Mike Stoklasa and Company break the good news, and we can all mop our brows and get back to living. I stopped watching directly after Mike hung up the phone. I hope it was about the movie Transformers 3 being either a joke, dream, joke-within-a-dream, or maybe a fake trailer with a self-parodying Shia LaBeouf, a guy I have to google every time I type his name. Seems ethnic) James and LaBeouf, such good sports!

Wreck-it Ralph

He is gonna wreck it. Wreck-it Ralph is exactly like a Pixar movie, except in those frequent moments where it is better. It managed to foil my savvy plot predictions and win me over. While it seems standard-issue from the marketing, the clever little things keep adding up until it is in surplus. It also avoids a ton of typical plot points which most animated/kids/regular movies would include by default. It left me wanting to see it again immediately. Who cares about the obscure video game references? I'm sure I missed a ton of them. Wreck-it Ralph is an actual movie. It deserves its success.
Wreck-it Ralph

The Rent-a-Car Essential

It is nothing complicated about renting a car, either yours just got out of order or you're in another city or country and you need a car to move fast and convenient. You don't have to meet special requirements to be able to benefit from the services of a rent a car Bucharest company, such services being available to any holder of driving licence. Even the prices are more and more low and accessible, due to the high number of such companies always competing one another. The time when only important business men had access to such services has passed for ages and, therefore, you should not by-pass them being afraid of huge taxes. To be able to enter in the possession of the wanted car, first you'll have to make a deposit to the company's account, which represents a part of the rent fee and that varies depending on the period for which you need the car and on the rides to be taken, inside the country or abroad. 
Opel Insignia 2014
Still depending on the renting period, some companies offer bonuses or promotional prices and so it is good practice to first look into the market's offer with the due care and to find out where from you can win the most. Besides payment, you just have to make the proof that you hold a driving licence and to make available to the rent-a-car company your personal details, a copy of the identity card and a telephone number, in most of the cases being enough to track you down in case of emergency. Following such steps, the car will be delivered to the residence specified by you, at the requested time, or you can pick it up from one of the company quarters that you are renting the car from. Still you should know that you must check the car when you're picking it up, as to not be damaged and to have regular documents. Otherwise, you might be made responsible for various damages or problems that you haven't caused, which is not advisable.

It is all About the Dog

It is hard to try to figure out what is going to be the best home for a dog. A lot of it is just getting to know the dog and going with your gut. Trust me telling someone that they can't adopt a dog isn't a fun thing to do. I don't want to disappoint anyone but too many times I have let the adoption go through and found out in the end I was right. I have the most amazing dog right now. I love him! And this young lady sent in an application for him. Honestly she would probably make a great pet owner. Her family has two dogs now and take great care of them, their vet gave them a good reference. However, I don't think this dog is a good match for the ones she already has. She emailed me 3 times in the course of a few hours last night and then had her mom send in an application. I almost want to say, your reaction is part of my gut feeling... your not mature enough to handle the responsibility of a dog who has special needs. Well hopefully my last email to her "mom" will help her understand. If I had another dog that would be a good match for them I would be happy to adopt to them. I just don't feel this particular dog is a good match and I am not going to let my dogs just go to whoever. They need to be happy. End of discussion.