Final Emergency

I said "wow ok!" and just rubbed my head! I was seriously tempted to put the dog in a crate and walk out. Jerk! He said it very nasty. I paused for a minute and said "How about this. Let's give her IV fluids b/c she is clearly dehydrated and some medicine just to get her through the night. is that an option? would that be ok?" I did want to seem like an a-hole and tell the many who spent 7 years in vet school what to do but come on I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday! My vets are way awesome and tell me stuff and how to handle things and I pay attention when they do stuff so I am not an idiot. I understand he doesn't know that so I did phrase my question / statement so that I didn't come off like a I know more then you person. I hate those type of people. His response was "Yes that should get her through the night. Lets do that." He asked if i had any (don't know the spelling) medicine at home. I said no I think I am out. So he gave her some of that and a sub q fluids and off we went home. I was in bed by 2am. Then this morning I had to take the dog to my regular vet so they could figure out what is going on with her. I left her there for them to run tests and put her on IV.

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