Short Love Poems

"I love you baby, and if it's quite all right, I need you baby to warm a lonely night, I love you baby... la la la la", here's what song I had in mind when the alarm went off this morning. It never happened to me, waking up like this, so I had two possible explanations: it was either this girl I started seeing lately, or I was really in a mood for a beer. Considering I haven't seen the beer commercial in a while, let's go with A, it was the girl. So, I took a shower, dressed up, and skipped breakfast. I did it all with Gloria Gaynor in mind. Ok, that went out wrong, but you know what I mean. As if the corny song wasn't enough, I spent my day at the office listening to love ballads on youtube and reading short love poems that you may find here.
"My name is Adam, I'm 28 years old and I'm addicted to corny song and short love poems", there's a line I could use to introduce myself at the annual freaks meeting. I mean, what is wrong with me? Ok, she's pretty, and smart, and sweet, and hot, and a great cook, and... oh my God, I am doing it again. She really got me hooked. I never thought of myself as the "puppy" type in a relationship but this is stronger than me. Could it be that I am discovering what being in love feels like, after making fun of all my early married friends? If so, is there a cure? Don't get me wrong, she is everything I want in a girl, but I'm not letting her change me in everything I hate in a guy. What if this is her evil plan? I heard rumors about women and their power to manipulate men but I thought I was immune. Now, instead of feeling the urge to run away, I can't wait to see her tonight. Maybe this is not that bad after all. Maybe I'm just freaking out. You know what would help me out? Getting all of the singing divas out of my head!