Today Emergency

I called one emergency vet, lets call that one 57. The lady answer the phone and I said "HI, my name is Amy and I have a rescue dog in a foster home and the foster home said she is pooping a lot of blood. What do I need to do to bring her in?" The women said "it is $99 just to walk in the door." I said "Ok that is fine I don't care." She then said "then from there it is going to be 100's and 100's AND 100's of dollars" I said "Ok. Well I really don't have an option do!" She said "I am just letting you know it will be 100's of dollars." She acted like she didn't want me to bother coming in. That rubbed me the wrong way so I called West Park Animal Hospital. I really like them and they have always helped me out when needed it and done a really great job. Of course the lady that answered was very nice and I told her what was going on and my most recent experience with 57. She said yes, I have heard they aren't very nice there so don't worry it isn't just you, it's more people she said. We both laughed. She said they close at 1pm and neither of us were sure I could make it on time. 

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