New and Improved Burglar Alarms

New and improved burglar alarms purchased! Be afraid thieves! Be... very afraid! Last week, after seeing the neighbor’s house sacked, I went on and decided to purchase and install burglar alarms connected to my living perimeters and garage. What was supposed to be a very easy task, turned out to be... well... let’s definitely not call it a “walk in the park”, you can read into where I’m going with this! I would have never thought there are so many types of product referrals and, well, such a  vast offer , when it comes to security systems. Basically you need something easy to install, not to expensive but then again not to cheap either, because I have to say that great technology always comes at a pretty spicy price. You will want to choose a regular alarm system for your car for example but when it comes to your home and the safety of your loved  ones, you may want to go for something that’s pretty much “state of the art”.

Now, there is a multitude of these awesome security systems you can choose from, and the more money you can afford to spend on them , the better! Some alarm designs are keeping it really simple and serve the sole purpose of preventing intrusion with sounds or automatic calls to the nearest police station or to the guard unit that provide you security services, but others come with sound alarming systems and video surveillance, plus smoke detectors! I’ve decided to go for a sensor alarm that when going off (hence some entity has disrupted the sensor system) issues an automatic call to the security company! There a handful of sensor alarm types you can choose from: passive infrared detectors, ultrasonic detectors, microwave detectors, photo-electric beams, vibration or inertia sensors, e-fields, microphonic systems, h-fields etc. My suggestion is you go for a passive infrared movement sensor alarm, combined with a heat and smoke detector! That combo cannot go wrong against intruders who if caught in between such a messy situation, will often find themselves baffled by all the noise, frightened and confused. Enough time for the police to cuff’em! More informations about burgler alarms you can find here: