Emergency Department

The roads were kind of bad with this slippery slushy rain / snow combo that was coming down. She said she had internet access and would look for another place for me. She suggested Animal Clinic Northview. She came me the number and I called them. The lady on the phone was very nice and said come on in. I got there and they were nice. Then the vet came in, looked over the dog and said "Ok we have a few options. We can keep her, put her on IV fluids, medication and run blood work. That is going to start at $700." Mind you I am paying over $100 to just walk in the door. I said "this is a rescue dog and we are a non profit. I am just looking to get her through the night so I can take her to my regular vet." He said very snotty "I am just trying to give you all the options and that is why I am telling you price." Mow keep in mind I told them when I called and when I was there I am a rescue, blah blah blah, just like I told 57. So really you are going to start with a $700 option! Whatever. 

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