Emergency Emergency

On Monday night I get a panicked messaged from a foster home that the dog they were fostering attacked one of their dogs and 2 of their dogs are injured. "What the hell"? Was my reaction this foster dog has been living there for a few weeks. Well turns out he wasn't living all that peacefully with the one dog and things just came to blow on Monday night. The foster dog is now under evaluation with a rescue friend. We will see what decision we come to with him. He has a very strong prey drive and has killed cats, hence he is in rescue right now, he was was adopted as a puppy and returned for killing cats. The two dogs that he attacked both went to the vet on an emergency visit yesterday morning at the tune of $360. Then yesterday I go to a dog shelter who wanted me to evaluate a JRT mix. I evaluate him and they say if you don't take him he is getting put down tomorrow. Really! I was on my lunch break from work and he smells! Ok, fine. So $90 for a dog that has nothing but vaccinations (not rabies) and was wormed once. Great deal! It is going to cost me over $100 to him neutered and rabies. Come on people we are a non profit. We don't have money pouring out of our wallets.

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