This Incredible Difference

I see this response in a lot of people, so I guess I am perfectly average and normal for even thinking I don’t measure up. But look at the other side of this feeling. Why does it matter that there are people I fully expect to apologize to me for their behaviors? Why should they? Why should I be significant enough to them that they should care? Why should it matter to them that they did something to hurt me? Why is it that I want to be significant to them? The guy who says he is just a guy, one of billions, who probably doesn’t deserve one person’s love and devotions, suddenly feels that he should be significant. That he should matter to someone else. How do I reconcile this incredible difference? How do I accept that someone cares for me as deeply as they do? Or how do I accept that I am not significant? That there are people who will hurt me and I won’t matter to them? How do I accept that there are people who will not care about me? Maybe there are just billions of crazy people on this rock, and maybe I am just one of them.

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