Yestterday Emergency

Yesterday around 7:30 I get a phone call from a foster home that the dog they are fostering has been sick. We talk a bit and decide the dog will go to the vet today b/c we are both worried about her. I worked with the Pits for a few hours with some basic training as I do every night. They make me so tired. I love it but they make me tired b/c it is like watching a toddler. They don't know anything so you don't want them to do something bad or something that will hurt them and I have to "watch" so closely so I can catching them trying to potty and make them go outside. When I went to put the Pits to bed in their crates mom dog Jessie the JRT had a baby she was giving birth too. So the puppies starting arriving around 9:30pm last night and this morning we had 4. Then at midnight the foster home called me to say that the dog that wasn't feeling well is now pouring blood from her back end. I got up, picked her up and took her to an emergency clinic, but let me tell you about that tomorrow.

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