Hypothetical Situation

Okay. So, let’s say that, a lifetime ago, you ran a... hotdog stand. And you had, oh, I don’t know, 6 or 7 business partners. You break with them for the usual reasons, somebody was stealing the saurkraut, somebody was trying to pass off tofu dogs as all beef, someone stuck their wiener in the water, whatever... and then, like 20 or 30 years later, you find that one of the guys you started the hotdog stand with, who you always liked, is still in business with, uh, others operating the hotdog stand... who are not bad people mind you, but with whom you have found with absolute finality that you cannot interact on any level… but you want to tell the first guy about this new hotdog recipe you’re working on. But you definitely don’t want to get emails or commentary or anything from these other guys… and you sure as hell do not want them to get their stinking hands on your new hotdog recipe... So do you just write your old pal off as being dumber than a post for still hanging around with those wieners? Or do you trust him to honor a “mum’s the word”? Or is it all simply a sign that you are putting off doing more important things, like shaving?

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