Versatile Blogger Award

Now it's time to pass along The Versatile Blogger award, so here are my required 10 choices, in no particular order: Gumbo Writer who I've just recently discovered. Her blog is filled with wonderful, honest writings and great recipes of the spicy variety. Bossy Betty, another recent discovery for me and a joyful one. You never know with Betty what you’ll find but it'll usually be tempered with humor and fabulous photos of nature. Jan's Sushi Bar is always filled with humor along with even more fabulous photos and tales of her wonderful family. Winds of Change, whom I've followed since my beginning in blogland. Pseudo proves to me, that there are still great teachers in America. Pearl, why you little, is filled with acerbic wit, on a regular basis.
Cricket and Porcupine, a husband and wife team where you'll never know what to expect, but whatever it is, it's always said with honesty. My Cleaning Lady Drives a Land Rover is constantly challenging all of us to view life in a variety of ways and always evolve. Holding Patterns where Sandi is so much more than the crazy cat lady she proclaims to be. Life at Willow Manor who educates us all with poems, genealogy, and a host of other subjects too "versatile" to mention. Tales of Extraordinary Ordinariness where Suzy can put you straight on many, many subjects with her thoughtful musings. I know you'll enjoy every one of these wonderful bloggers, as I do on a regular basis, well, maybe not as regular as I'd like, but when I do visit them, they enlighten and enrich my life every single time and I thank them for that.